Contoh Essay 1 Buat Kuliah di Luar Negeri

Contoh Essay 1 Buat Kuliah di Luar Negeri 
 Essay 1: My Role for Indonesia


When I child, my mother is always told with me as her son about importantly of education with her actions or words. I know that the education is a long process for growing values in the life. It is need an extraordinary spirit and tenacity. When I grow to be adult, on the Junior High School I got some information about differently between teaching and educating. Teaching is only told about science or knowledge transformations, while the educating is a process for founding good character to the students. So, a teacher and educator as parents of students in the school they have had worked not only for teaching, but also they are must to educate all students. Why is this important to me? Because being a teacher is my dream.
When I child I always to observe my teachers profiles and make a wish that on the one day I will became a teacher like her. I have one hope to be a lecture and teacher since I still at the Kindergarten time until I studied on university. This is my role for Indonesia: be a good lecturer and teacher for student, family and peoples, for make a synchronizations between my hope and expect on my life everyday on process.
One main step is needed to be a lecturer is continuously my study to the next level properly. And then I continuously my study to scholarship level (S1) in language and literature studies Arabic Department on the Faculty of Adab dan Humanities. For grew up my ability soft skill, and I had succeed to explored all that at the Islamic Boarding and School as a teacher and guide to Arabic language studies.
As has been described above on the first, I’m working too as a teacher at Islamic Middle High School who having a job for teaching students to knowledge about Language, especially in Arabic. Because with learn of Arabic Language I hoped we want to deepen learning contents of Quran at the future. After I graduate I work as a teacher at Islamic Senior High School in my home around during I wait a chance to next my study to magister level. I do the whole activity with hope that is can be supporter for my steps and dreams to give more contributions for Indonesia on the education aspect.
To be educators who are of interest to me, I hope will be giving contribution to Indonesia and can have enjoyment to road of process. The role as the teachers and educators is broad, they are not only teaching on formal environment or school, but also they are can be an educators and around of peoples and family. It must doing with consistency and continuity. There fore education is a fundamental aspect to build the civilization of nation. Manner of intelligence, the peoples of Indonesia admitted have the highest level of it. With supported by good mentality building, hopefully Indonesia will be better.

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