Contoh Proposal Tesis Buat Kuliah di Luar Negeri Berbahasa Inggris

Contoh Proposal Tesis Buat Kuliah di Luar Negeri Berbahasa Inggris

A.    Problematic  
1.      Background of the Problem
    The language is consisting of two components usually, which are sign and sense clarified by the sign itself. Language sign is consisting from unites, and then it all recognizing as unity of grammatical. That unites having a form the course, sentence, word, and morpheme (Ramlan, 1981:20).
Morphology and syntaxes is a model of language science grade recognized as the rules of language or grammar. Morphology referred also as order of word and sign, which is a grammatical study about sentences (Koentjoro, 1982:39). Concerning of semantic this is a study about language science and sense.
The lexical Semantics is a semantic studies which having a destiny to explanation about meaning from one lingual on language and have illustration about how the meaning of lingual unites having mutually relation. (Saeed, 1997:53). According to Cruse (2000:95-96), he have four elementary problems on lexical semantics studies. First, revealing of “contents” or meaning from the word is more importantly aspect. Second problem, it is variety meaning of word have been followed the variety design order. Third, that order design seems like not only on meaning distribution and character of a word in diverse contexts. It can manufacture a structured words community. Fourth, the studied in lexical semantic what is character of syntaxes from word have affixed or not with a meaning word that owned by it. On linguistic studies, lexical semantic has accommodated more tools for meaning analyze and explanation several aspect are contained in a meaning of one lingual.
The words of Kalam and Qawl it is two words which can use mutually replace on daily life, because the both it words has having a character of synonym, the following examples will bring out of it:

(1)      كلامك صحيح
 /kalamuka sahih/
your words are truth
(2)     قولك صحيح
 /Qaulika Sahih/
your words are truth

Although on the holly Quran the two this words and derivation it having a different means, and can’t mutually replace, such as:

ولقد سبقت كلمتنا لعبادنا المرسلين
“And verily it has set Our promise to Our servants who became an apostle.  (QS. Ash-Shafat: 171).”

 (they are) those who pray; Our God, indeed we have believed, so forgive us our sins and save us from the torment of hell. (QS. Ali-Imran: 16).”

Basically to date in above, the words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul they have a sign, meaning and alone of case. This is give me stimulate as a writer for analyzing it inside the terms of cases, meaning and sign. Analysis will be doing in this thesis just toward directly words (lexical) to be related with Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul.

2.         Identification Problem
According to explanted problems on research background and observation on the holly Quran, examiner has been founded more something remarkable indicating that meaning of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul have variety meaning from popular usually purpose.
If our studies and researching about language, certainly can’t escaped from studying and researching about linguistic of language studied, like phonology, semantic, syntactic, etc. in this research I look for a problem in Arabic vocabulary in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul inside the holly Qur’an, and will find meaning components from it. More and more again the both of it words is synonym in the life, but not like that on the Quran. Going to next steps from the differently above, I have to create research who referred to a semantic analysis with hope the result can equip and increase the reference about the Arabic semantic problems.

3.        Limitation and Formulation of Problems
a.         Limitation of Problems
According to problems above, I will be restricting my research toward something like this:
1)        What is component of meaning usually in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?
2)        What is distinguishing component in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?
3)       What is differently and equality meaning in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?

b.        Formulation of Problems
According to that thing above, writer assumed that the words of Al-Kalam dan Al-Qaul having most differently meaning, therefore, formulating problem referred in this research, that is: What is Meaning General and Exceptional Components, Equality and Differently Mean of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the Holly Quran?
Formulating problem in this research can to explain such as:
1)       What is mean general component in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?
2)    What is distinguishing component in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?
3)   What is differently and equality mean in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?

B.      Target
1.         Writing Target
a)                       Usual Target
Usual target on this Thesis writing for finding obviously illustrate about: Firstly, the holly Quran is a linguistic phenomenon which have been revealed more deepen. Secondly, that all concepts which contained inside it have been revealed with using semantic and language analysis approach. Such as words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qawl as one theme, this has to restudy for revealing immediately whole meaning aspects about it.
b)                      Exception Target
Exception target in this thesis writing for finding obviously illustrate about cases and sign in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran concern to the mean component has owned by the two word it, also for know several the most extensive possibility for both on semantic studies. Explanations about component are needed for recognizing all components has owned by every word and try to reveal the possibility about existence of component from two words it.

C.       Utility of Research and Benefit
1.                   Practice  
                                               a.     This research referred for finding Post-graduated Scholarships of Mofat for continuously to magister level (S2) in Arabic Department from Faculty of Arabic Language at Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarships for Foreign Students Tenable in Brunei Darussalam.
                                               b.     This research referred for know riches meaning words component on the holly Al-Quran about Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul.

2.                   Theory
a.    This research expected can to extend the scientific treasure particularly on language studies, on Indonesian, English, Arabic and other (the mean of semantics component). Results of this research to have double usefulness, and having a character of practice for languages activities like researching, teaching, translating, and composing dictionary that have a character of theoretic for the best understanding about diverse of mean component aspect and semantic.
b.    This research expected can be giving contribute for valuables science of, linguistic and language and semantic particularly. Discovering on this research continuously expected can appearing an inspiration for the language student for researching this case with more deepen about problematic of translating and to try making realize about the most important understanding of semantic mean component which exist in vocabularies every language in the world.

D.       Assumed
My assumed in this research is:
1.    Yuni Andriyani on 2011 years in her thesis with a title Ma’na Jumlah Istifham Fi Qissah ar Rojulu alladzi amana li Najib Kailani: semantic studies. The writer was founding more conversations which used interrogative words. The interrogative words not only have a mean as just questions words, but also they have more other mean importantly for analysis. Destiny in this research is for knowing diverse of interrogative words and meaning it on this novel. The interrogative words that used as much as 101 words and diverse of interrogative words that used to amount 7 interrogative words.
2.    Yadi Mardiansyah on 2008 years on his thesis with a title Lafadz Qolbun on the holly Qurān. Recognizing the mean of “al-Qalb” words in lexical and grammatical level. The word of “al-Qalb” explained with a mean which existing on Arabic dictionaries across lexical semantic. And on semantic grammatical the mean of al-Qalb influenced by another words. Limited mean of qalb was founding across lexical semantic approach. Limitation of it with: heart, idea, movement, changes, place to back, and explanation words. Even though   semantic grammatical approaches give a limited with: heart, idea, understanding, return, changes, movement, and worry words.
E.       Hypothesis Research
From the limited problems which have to prove with analysis method, taken three questions that relevant with the title of research, even though the voice of hypothesis which will examined must proved on this research is such as:
1)   What is mean general component in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?
2)   What is distinguishing component in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?
3)   What is differently and equality mean in words of Al-Kalam and Al-Qaul on the holly Quran?

Three questions first on limitation problems that having an illustration about respondent statement from severally variable it doesn’t examination like correlational statistic. As a reasons just for recognize variable quality illustration. It is have a function as database for calculation and authentication its presence or levels contribution from variable independent particularly, and then can recognizing the contribution largeness.
F.       Method of Research
The method that used on this research is descriptive analytic, that is a method for knowing object character that researched in this conditions until we can finding alternative solution for finishing this cases. This method expected can to help me for finding documents and information that I needed in this research, can give a description which used in this Thesis, such as from grammatical books, semantic books, and dictionaries created by Arabic or western writer.
In side it the writer take an example from Quran too, because the holly Quran have highest value on Arabic language studies, and often used as basic language by Arabic grammatical expert. There fore, the substance from this research is try to give logical state about data obtained from respondent about contribution largeness independent variable particularly toward dependent variable with proving analysis or examination with use correlational statistics.

G.      Operasional Definitions

For circumvent a mistake on terminologies interpretation that used on this research, so we have to explain it by means of operational, such as:
First, word of Al-Kalam in a book entitled Al-Kalam wa Al-Qaul fi Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, Bahauddin Al-Qabani (1982:5) to explain that two word it can  be a synonym on the meaning if used in life. But on the holly Quran it is different, applying to this word Al-Kalam and Al-Qawl is appropriate placement and two word it will result in meaning different.
                   On the holly Quran seventy five words of Al-Kalam is available, fifty words relating to Allah SWT. Twenty-three related to the human, one relating to angel, and last one relating to reptiles.
                   Fifty words relating to Allah SWT grouped into three meaning:
1.         Usually the word of Al-Kalam that contained on the holly Quran having a sense as holly scripture derived and created by Allah before Quran come to the worldKalamullah”.
2.        Word of Al-Kalam have mean as unity of Allah SWT.
3.         Word of Al-Kalam have mean as promise about kindness of Allah, adzab (torture), and rules to something remarkable, and signs.
Twenty three words relating to Humans grouped on two meaning:
1.         Exclamations toward all humans, to pay homage just to Allah SWT with heart-full.
2.         Secondly, directed to community meaning word said in a different theme, and this meanings is a word of humans on the Quran.
Second, word of Al-Qaul  on the Qur’an as much as one thousand seven hundred and twenty two, four hundred ninety nine relating to  Allah SWT, one thousand one hundred thirty nine relating to human, fifty five relating to Angel, one word relating to scribes, five word relating to gin, six word relating to devils, eleven words relating to demons, and one word relating to the sky, earth, Hell jahannam, hud-hud birds, and ants.

Word of Al-Qaul relating to Allah grouped on three meaning, such as:
1.        A word whose meaning binds the meaning of the sentences.
2.         Word of Al-Qaul it is torture meaningful from Allah SWT, and not kindness.
3.        Relating with command for everything.

Word of Al-Qaul relating to Human and another, grouped on four meaning, such as:
1.        Said by oral in one theme
2.        About a command or restrict
3.        Having mean as a liar
4.        Having mean as commitment and evidence or syahadat

Al-Qabani also write on book Al-Misbahu Al-Munir word of Al-Kalam can having mean or not, although for Al-Qawl word it is a voice to be meaningful, and same like that on book uhul Al-Ma’ani that a word of Al-Kalam that is a voice to be have meaning or not for it,and usually it is using on daily conversations.

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