Contoh Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X SMA

TP. 2017/2018

I.    Choose the best answer by crosing (X) a, b, c, d, or e!

1.      This Is ..... house
a.       She
b.      My
c.       I
d.      You
2.      ....... garden Is small but beautiful.
a.       She
b.      I
c.       Her
d.      You
3.      We sleep in the .....
a.       Bed room
b.      Sitting room
c.       Kitchen
d.      Garden
4.      Guests sit in the ....
a.       Bed room
b.      Sitting room
c.       Kitchen
d.      Garden
5.      Mother cooks in the ....
a.       Bed room
b.      Sitting room
c.       Kitchen
d.      Garden
6.      She .... Amy.
a.       Is
b.      Am
c.       Are
d.      Be
7.      ..... am sick.
a.       She
b.      I
c.       You
d.      My mother
8.      Mr. Haryanto .... very well.
a.       Be
b.      Am
c.       Is
d.      Are

9.      They have got .... son.
a.       One
b.      Two
c.       Three
d.      Four
10.  My Father has got two children: Siska and I. Siska is my .....
a.       Sister
b.      Mother
c.       Brother
d.      Step brother
11.  .... me, where is the nearest police station, please?
a.       Pardon
b.      Excuse
c.       Sorry
d.      Say
12.  The police station is over there; it is ...... the left
a.       In
b.      At
c.       On
d.      Of
13.  ....... a restaurant near here?
a.       Is there
b.      Are there
c.       There is
d.      There are
14.  I ....... to the movie theatre last night.
a.       Go
b.      Goes
c.       Went
d.      Am going
15.  We.... very happy now.
a.       Is
b.      Am
c.       Was
d.      Are

16.  They ..... in my house last night.
a.       Is
b.      Was
c.       Are
d.      Were
17.  Sarah didn’t .... to the party.
a.       Come
b.      Came
c.       Comes
d.      Coming
18.  Did he know about me? No, he .......
a.       Did
b.      Does
c.       Didn’t
d.      Doesn’t

19.  She live here? No, she didn’t.
a.       Is
b.      Do
c.       Did
d.      Does
20.  Were father and mother happy? Yes, ..... were.
a.       We
b.      You
c.       She
d.      They
21.  She ...... English.
a.       Speakes
b.      Speak
c.       Speaks
d.      Spek
e.       Spaks
22.  We .... been in Bandung Before.
a.       Have
b.      Been
c.       Are
d.      Is
e.       Has
23.  Ali ....... been staying in Banten since 1979.
a.       Have
b.      Been
c.       Are
d.      Is
e.       Has
24.  Ahmad did not ..... to Bali.
a.       Went
b.      Go
c.       Gone
d.      Gune
e.       Give

This dialogue is for questions number 25-29.
Jane          :....... (25) this summer?
Laurel       : ........ (26) at home this summer. I must work.
Jane          : oh, what a pity. Don’t ...... (27) a week off?
Laurel       : No, I don’t. I’m very busy this month.
Jane          : Okay, I think, .... (28) the beach together.
Laurel       : Maybe next time. ...... (29) our time together.
a.       Where are you going to go
b.      What will you do
c.       Who are you going
d.      How do you do it
e.       When are you going to
a.       I’m going to cook
b.      I’m going to sleep
c.       I’m going to watch movie
d.      I’m going to work
e.       I’m going to study
a.       You can take
b.      You even get
c.       You can ask
d.      You must take
e.       You should ask
a.       We will swim
b.      We will buy some food at
c.       We will go to
d.      We will find gold at
e.       We will take turtles at
a.       We are going to spend
b.      We are spending
c.       We should spend
d.      We won’t spend
e.       We will spend
30.  We ...... go to Bandung next week.
a.       Will
b.      Shall
c.       Well
d.      Want
e.       what

II.    Essay
1.      Tuliskan Rumuz Positif (+) dan Negatif (-) dari Simple Present tense, dan Simple Past Tense ?
2.      Berikan dua contoh Kalimat yang terdapat Simple Present tense dan Simple Past tense?
3.      Chose the corect personal pronoun.
(they, I, you, we, he, she, it, or Yulia)
a.       .................. am sitting on the sofa.
b.      .................. are watching TV.

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